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Boat Schedules One

Ayeyarwaddy River

The Ayeyarwaddy River (Irrawaddy) River is a river that flows through Myanmar. It is Myanmar’s largest river (about 1350 miles or 2170 km long) and the most important commercial waterway, with a drainage area of about 158,700 square miles (411,000 km2). The Ayeyarwaddy River starts in Kachin State, at the confluence of the Mali Kha and Mai Kha rivers. The western Mali Kha branch arises from the end of the southern Himalayas, north of Putao, and (like the main river) is called Nam Kiu in the Shan language.Inform your doctor for those who have an extended illness that involves diarrhea or vomiting cialis canadian. Additional reason I threw this information available am when women meet a man with ED, you realize he retains a sexual desire cialis canadian. The lack of advice for the given drug or drug combination certainly not must be construed to indicate which the drug or drug combination is safe, effective or befitting a patient cialis buy 20mg.

Chindwin River

The Chindwin originates in the broad Hukawng Valley of Kachin State of Myanmar. The Tanai exits the Hukawng valley through the Taron or Turong valley and through a sharp defile in the river. It then takes on the name of Chindwin, and maintains a general southerly course. The river’s course is generally southwesterly until the town of Mingin. It then takes a more southeasterly course entering into broad central plain, passing the city of Monywa on the left bank. Its course at this point forms the boundary between the Sagaing and Pakokku districts.

Sittaung River

The Sittaung is a river in south central Myanmar in Bago Division. The Bago Range separates its basin from that of the Ayeyarwaddy. The river originates at the edge of the Shan Plateau southeast of Mandalay, and flows southward to the Gulf of Martaban. Its length is 420 km and its mean annual discharge is around 50 cubic kilometers per year.

The Thanlwin River

The Thanlwin flows through the Tibetan Plateau and cuts a succession of 1,000-metre (3,300 ft)-deep gorges through the Shan Plateau and Arakan Yoma in Myanmar before its valley widens for the final part of its course and it deposits its glacially-originated sediments on an extensive delta at the mouth. Much of the Salween basin drains the geologically young eastern mountains formed by the collision of the Indian subcontinent with Asia.

Boat Schedules Two

Name of VesselRouteSchedule
RV MahaythiYangon-Twante-YangonDay Trip
RV MahaythiYangon-Maubin-Yangon 3Days/ 2 Nights
RV MahaythiYangon-Maubin-Kyaiklat-Phyarpon-Yangon 4Days/ 3 Nights
RV MahaythiYangon-Maubin-Sabaeyoo-Pathein-Ngwesaung 5 Days/ 4 Nights
RV MahaythiYangon-Pyay8 Nights
RV MahaythiPyay-Bagan 6 Nights
RV MahaythiBagan-Kalewa 7 Nights
RV MahaythiBagan-Mandalay 3 Nights
RV MahaythiMandalay-Bamaw6 Nights
RV MahaythiMandalay-Pyay 8 Nights
RV MahaythiPyay-Pathein Ngwesaung8 Nights
RV MahaythiPathein-Yangon 4 Nights
RV Pandaw 1947Mandalay-Bagan 3-4 Nights
Pandaw IIYangon-Mandalay14 Nights
Pandaw IIMandalay-Bagan8 Nights
Pandaw IIMandalay-Pyay8 Nights
MalikhaMandalay-Bagan 1-2 Nights
RV Paukan Bagan-Mandalay 1-2 Nights
Pandaw 1947Yangon – Bagan – Mandalay – Sagaing5 Nights
Pandaw 1947Yangon – Prome – Magwe – Mingun – Sagaing 10 Nights
Pandaw 1947Mandalay – Bamaw – Mandalay8 Nights

Route : Yangon Sunset Cocktail Cruise
Vessel : RV Mahaythi
Schedule : Daily

Itinerary : 16:30 PM – Depart from Wartan Oil filling Jetty. Enjoy the river life of Yangon. 18:00 PM – Enjoy the magnificent sunset view. 18:00 PM – Arrive back to Wartan Jetty.

Route : Yangon – Twante – Yangon
Vessel : RV Mahaythi
Schedule : Daily

Itinerary : 08:00 AM – Depart Yangon 10:00 AM – Arrive Twante and sightseeing Twante by trishaw or horse cart. 13:00 PM – Depart back to Yangon. Lunch on board 15:00 PM – Arrive back to Yangon.

Name of VesselRoute Schedule
Road to MandalayMandalay-Bhamo-Bagan11 Nights
Road to MandalayMandalay-Bagan-Mandalay7 Nights
Road to MandalayBagan-Mandalay-Bagan7 Nights
Road to MandalayBagan-Mandalay4 Nights
Road to MandalayMandalay-Bagan3 Nights

Parties & Private Hire

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Clients, colleagues or friends, if you want them to enjoy an experience to remember, take them on a unforgettable river cruise. Whatever the occasion, a journey aboard the Road To Mandalay is the ideal way to celebrate. For a maximum of 82 guests you can enjoy group rates on any sector of the Road To Mandalay, either as part of our scheduled services or as an exclusive charter. Customised itineraries can also be created for your guests to make the experience of travelling on the Irrawaddy River extra special.

Boat Schedules Three

Gawwein05:3014:30(next day)1st classPyigyi Tagun
Gawwein05:3014:30(next day)2nd classPyigyi Tagun
Gawwein05:3014:30(next day)PublicPyigyi Tagun
Bamoh05:3011:00(next day)1st classPyigyi Tagun
Bamoh05:3011:00(next day)2nd classPyigyi Tagun
Bamoh05:3011:00(next day)PublicPyigyi Tagun